How Do You Make Juniper Berry Tincture?

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1 Answer

Juniper berries are used medicinally primarily for urinary tract infections and as a diuretic. If juniper grows in your vicinity, you may want to try tincturing your own medicine. Purchasing tincture can get expensive and won't be as satisfying as crafting your own medicine. Preparing a tincture relies more on the passage of time than the actual physical labor of putting the medicine together. Harvest only the blue berries of the juniper tree. These berries can take two to three years to mature, so green berries will be on the tree as well, but it's best to avoid these for your medicine. When harvesting, remember not to take every berry. A good rule of thumb is to collect 30 percent of the available berries, leaving the rest. Shake the berries free of dust and any insects that are hanging on. You can give your plants a gentle rinsing in clean water if you like. Place the berries in a glass canning jar and fill with a solution of 50 percent of the alcohol and 50 percent water until ... more
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