How Do You Make Kinetic Wind Spinners?

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1 Answer

A homemade kinetic wind spinner can be made within about a half hour and hung up outside from a tree branch, porch beam or other free-standing surface. When the wind catches it, it creates a beautiful blur of color as the spinner twirls around. Kinetic wind spinners are cheap to make because you can even use recycled materials from home. Here we are going to make a spinner out of a used plastic soda bottle. Remove the label from the soda bottle by using warm soapy water. Cover the midsection of the bottle with horizontal rings of electrical tape. Alternate the colors and make sure each ring touches but does not overlap each other. Put at least 5 rings or more, if your taste desires. Wrap the measuring tape around the top ring and place marks with the pen every three-fourths of an inch. Using an exacto knife, cut vertically through the tape and bottle from the top edge of the top ring to the bottom edge of the bottom ring at each ¾-inch marking. Place the bottle upright on a table and ... more
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