How Do You Make LEGO Sports Cars For LEGO People?

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1 Answer

A Lego sports car can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be. Lego itself has a contract with Ferrari to create replica cars, following a long history of speedy looking Lego models. Begin with a concept. Maybe you want to build a tiny version of a real sports car, or maybe you just want your little Lego guys to be able to ride around in style. Either way, you begin with the picture in your head. To get the picture out of your head, you can draw it, make a really rough Lego model as a starting point, or visit ldd.lego.com and download their free design software. This will allow you to play with pieces virtually before you commit to your model in real life. One thing to consider when you get to this stage is how many Lego figures you want it to hold. If you want your model to hold two figures side by side, your construction will be very different than if you just want your car to seat one. Most Lego models only have one driver and if there is a passenger, they sit in the rear. ... more
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