How Do You Make Medieval King Costume?

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1 Answer

Medieval kings are a perennially popular subject for Halloween costumes. They are also widely used in theatrical productions. It takes more than simply wearing a crown to make someone look like a medieval king; however, and since different kings dressed differently, it can be challenging to put together a good costume. There are some fairly standard aspects of king costumes, though, that you can build on to make yourself look truly regal. Start your costume with a plain, tight fitting shirt and pair of pants. Try to avoid anything obviously modern-looking, such as jeans, button-down shirts, prints or stretchy material, as well as neon colors. Avoid black as well, as it was not available as a cloth dye in medieval times. Instead, try to find bright, solid colors. These clothes should be as close fitting as possible without the use of stretchy fabric or visible buttons. Try to use natural fiber clothes if possible, as artificial fiber clothes often hang differently and can impair the ... more
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