How Do You Make Microwave Bean Bags?

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1 Answer

You don't have to spend a lot of money to soothe tired, aching muscles and warm cold hands and feet. Microwaveable bean bags are easy to make and you'll find that the project can be completed in just an hour. Making bean bags is a good craft project for kids, although they may need a little help with sewing the bags. You'll only need a few items to begin making your bean bags and can reuse old fabric to save even more money. Choose fabric for your microwave bean bag. Look for fabric that is durable and soft to the touch. Terry cloth is a good choice for bean bags. Cut the fabric to the desired size. You can make your bean bag as small or as large as you want. You'll need to cut the fabric about ½ inch larger than the finished size in order to allow room for a seam allowance and must cut two pieces exactly the same size. Pin the pieces of fabric together and begin sewing a seam around the edge of the bag. Leave a 1 inch opening at one end for insertion of the beans. Turn the bag ... more
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