How Do You Make Mums And Garters?

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1 Answer

Mums and garters for high school homecomings have become quite a tradition in some parts of the country, especially Texas and Oklahoma. These ribboned creations are fun, fabulous and matter more than you might think. Stock up on the ribbon and get to work, whether you're making mums for yourself, friends, or to sell at local craft fairs. This is not the place to exercise restraint, as when it comes to homecoming mums, bigger is better! Cut a cardboard backing or shield for your homecoming mums or garters, or opt for a purchased cardboard backing. Choose the size appropriate for your mum or garter. Cut six-inch lengths of ribbon. Stack narrower ribbons on top of wider ones, with the shiny side up. Form ribbon points, overlapping the short ends of the ribbon. Staple into place in a round on the outer edge of the cardboard backing. Leave 1/4 inch of the backing circle uncovered for ribbon streamers. Repeat with a second row of ribbon points. Prepare streamers for your homecoming mums. ... more
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