How Do You Make Olga's Spinach Pie (Spanakopita)?

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Okay, you Olga's Kitchen fans... this ones for you! Spanakopita, or Spinach Pie was a favorite of my customers at the Southland Mall store in Hayward, CA. I used to throw a pie in the oven about an hour before closing to make sure I was taking some home to the family that night. I managed to get Tony, my buddy from the island of Lesbos, Greece to get this authentic recipe from his wife. According to him, this is the way they made it back home. My wife and I tried out the recipe and couldn't believe it... it was similar to the Spinach Pie from Olga's, but better! This recipe is guaranteed not to disappoint... In a large Dutch oven, cook all onions until tender, but do not brown. Add spinach and cook until all water has evaporated. We use the frozen spinach, squeezing out the excess water before putting it in the pot. Now add the parsley and dill, allow to cool a while. Into the above mixture, stir in the feta and parmesan cheeses, along with the eggs, beaten. Season with a little salt ... more
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