How Do You Make Onesie Baby Dresses?

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1 Answer

Onesie dresses are easy to make and allow you to recycle a Onesie that has grown too short but otherwise fits well. Onesies are relatively inexpensive baby items that can be purchased three or more to a package. A simple dress involves cutting the Onesie across the chest, sewing a loop from a rectangle of fabric, gathering a waistband and sewing it to the dress. Throw in a hem, and the dress is finished. Of course, Onesie dresses are so easy to make and so adorable, you may find yourself embellishing them with ribbons and bows. Place the Onesie on a flat surface. Measure 5 inches down the chest from the shoulder seam. Mark with chalk. Cut straight across both chest layers. Set aside. Fold the fabric rectangle, vertically, with the right sides touching, so you're looking at the "inside out" or wrong side. Pin the 14-inch sides. Sew the 14-inch sides together, using a 1-inch seam allowance and a straight stitch, forming the side seam. Remove pins. This is the skirt. Choose one 30-inch ... more
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