How Do You Make Origami Paper Crossbows?

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1 Answer

A crossbow is a weapon that shoots an arrow using a spring mechanism that lets you aim and pull a trigger similar to the way you'd shoot a rifle. You can make your own pretend crossbow out of paper and scour the countryside for bandits to shoot at. You will need some common household items as well as sheets of paper. Your paper crossbow won't be as powerful as the real thing, but it will let you play Robin Hood as much as you like. Put a sheet of paper down on a table with the 8-inch side at the top. Roll the sheet of paper up from the bottom to form a tube. Put a piece of cellophane tape at each end of the tube and in the middle to secure it. Place the tube down on the table. Repeat this procedure with another sheet of paper. Tape both tubes together with cellophane tape at the ends and in the middle. Place the tubes down on the table. Roll a third sheet of paper into a tube in the same fashion and tape it. Use the scissors to make a cut in the sides of the two tubes taped together ... more
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