How Do You Make Paper Nut Cups?

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1 Answer

A nut cup is a useful party accessory when you are setting a table. Often, hosts place nuts, candies or treats into decorative nut cups at each guest's place setting as a pretty and tasty addition to a festive table. Instead of using ready-made nut cups that are unimaginative and plain, making your own nut cups out of colorful or distinctive paper can be easy. Adding decorative stickers to them for themed parties such as Mardi Gras or weddings is also common. Cut a five-inch square out of the colorful paper. Place the paper square in front of you so it looks like a diamond, with the patterned or colored side facing down. Bring the bottom point of the diamond up to the top point of the diamond, making sure you align the points perfectly. Crease this fold so you now have a triangle shape with the folded edge on the bottom. Fold the top point of the triangle (the top paper layer only) down so the left diagonal edge of the triangle is now aligned with the bottom edge of the triangle. ... more
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