How Do You Make Pinatas Fast?

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1 Answer

Pinatas are popular for birthday parties and other celebrations. Although they're available for purchase, they can be pricey. And do-it-yourself papier-mache pinata projects are extremely messy, with the added inconvenience of taking two or three days to complete. But take heart, because if you need a quick and easy pinata, this is the project for you. Your kids will love this inexpensive pinata, and you'll be delighted with the easy preparation and cleanup. Pour treats into the bottom of a paper lunch bag. Individually wrapped sweets, inexpensive little toys and gifts, and even loose pocket change are good choices. Wad up some old newspapers. Stuff them into the bag tightly enough to give it some body and substance. Leave about an inch or two of empty space at the top for closing the bag later on. Cut some pieces of crepe paper long enough to be wrapped around the filled lunch bag. Be sure to use lots of bright colors. Make cuts halfway through the crepe paper strips on one side to ... more
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