How Do You Make Printable Rebus Puzzles?

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1 Answer

Printable rebus puzzles are free brain teasers using picture themes (like Christmas) and words that help enhance logic, thinking, vocabulary, spelling and learning capability. Determine what grid themes or outlines you will use for your free printable rebus puzzles. Decide on your entry words and make sure to vary the words and pictures for interest and make fill in your rebus outline later. Construct a grid size that best represents your total entry words and pictures and total number of letters. There can be many printable variations for rebus puzzles, so pick a number that fits your design. Write your clues for pictures. You can use definitions, facts, trivia, synonyms, antonyms, etc. Number your picture clues and their corresponding answers and build them down categories into your grid. Place the numbered answers in your already constructed grid trying to fit as many together as possible working from left to right and down one line at a time. Place your answer in a separate ... more
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