How Do You Make Puppy Milk Replacer?

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1 Answer

There are a number of different reasons that a puppy might find itself orphaned or "excluded" from the litter. If you have an orphaned or rejected puppy, it's important to know how to take care of it. Give the pup a warm, dry bed, check with a vet about cleaning it and feed it a milk replacer. Puppies drink milk until they're four to five weeks old. Mix the formula according to the label, or buy supplies and mix your own. Most pet stores and vet offices have powdered formula to replace puppy milk. For the homemade recipe, mix one-half cup of evaporated milk with one cup of boiling water, one teaspoon of corn oil or Karo syrup, one drop of pediatric multivitamin, two raw egg yolks and one tablespoon of whole plain yogurt. Heat to room temperature. If you don't want to use evaporated milk, substitute goat's milk and cut out the water. Put your mixture into a puppy bottle. Shake the bottle vigorously to mix the formula, and make sure that only a couple of drops of milk come out the ... more
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