How Do You Make Saline Nasal Spray?

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1 Answer

Very few things are as terribly annoying as trying to breath with a stuffed-up nose. While nasal sprays are effective, many start to be addictive as your body depends on them to keep the nasal passages clear. Saline nasal spray, however, isn't addictive and is often just as effective. While you can purchase saline nasal spray over the counter, it is much cheaper to make it yourself by following the steps below. Step 1 Boil tap water for 10 minutes to remove all of the impurities and get the water hot enough to dissolve the salt. Pour one cup of the boiling hot water into a liquid measuring cup with a spout (to pour easily later). Step 2 Add one teaspoon of baking soda and one teaspoon of sea salt to the boiling water in the measuring cup. Stir until the water is completely clear again, which insures that the baking soda and salt dissolve completely. Step 3 Allow the water to cool to room temperature. Then, pour the water into a clean nasal spray bottle. Squeeze the saline nasal spray ... more
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