How Do You Make Screw Back Earrings?

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1 Answer

Screw back earrings are the perfect gift for women who don't have pierced ears. With the right attachments and tools, these earrings are quick and easy to make and have the same kind of stylistic versatility as the French hook or other dangle earrings for pierced ears. Sketch the earrings you want to make. Decide how far down you want them to dangle from the base of the earlobe. If you are featuring a large bead, keep the earring design simple. If you are featuring small and light beads, you can have a more intricate design that allows for more beading. Test the weight of your featured beads. Clip piece of wire 2 inches long. Bend the wire in half. String the beads on this wire and twist about 1/2 inch above the beads. Thread the two wire ends through the loop on the screw back attachment, bend with pliers and close the loop in a loose twist. Attach screw back to your ear. Adjust the weight as needed by untwisting your loop that attaches the beads to the screw back, untwisting the ... more
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