How Do You Make Silver Soldering Flux?

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1 Answer

Metal workers, artists and crafters all rely on flux to complete many of their projects. Flux is a substance that comes in powder, paste and liquid forms. It is used when metal is melted and soldered. Flux functions to prevent oxides from forming on the surface of heated metals. In addition to helping molten metals flow better, flux helps solder to adhere to metal and to flow with greater ease. While many hardware and jewelry making supply stores sell flux for all purposes, including silver soldering, it is possible to make your own silver soldering flux with a few simple ingredients. Measure 1 cup of borax. Pour the borax into a mixing bowl. Pour 1 cup of potash into a measuring cup. Add the potash to the borax in the mixing bowl. Measure 1/2 cup of table salt. Put the table salt in the mixing bowl with the borax and potash. Mix the three ingredients together until they are fully combined. Pour the flux mixture into a lidded jar. Keep the lid on the jar when the flux is not in use. ... more
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