How Do You Make Sombrero Hats Out Of Paper?


How Do You Make Sombrero Hats Out Of Paper?

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Making a sombrero out of paper is an appropriate project for kids when they are learning about Mexico or Cinco de Mayo. Parties with a Mexican theme are popular with young and old, and creating sombreros for each guest is a simple art project. Make the hats ornate with lots of bold colors and fringing or keep it plain. You are only limited by your imagination and artistic abilities. Give each person two sheets of newspaper at least 3 feet long. Place the newspapers on top of each other in a criss-cross fashion. It should make a make an eight-point star. Center the newspapers on top of the head of the person for whom you are making the hat, and use your hands to press down around the crown of his head to give the sombrero a domed section that will fit properly. Wrap masking tape around the bottom of the dome shape, which should be right around the person’s ears. You may need to wrap tape around the newspaper dome two or three times to make a sturdy dome. Remove the sombrero from the per

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