How Do You Make Strawberry Daiquiris From Scratch?

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Make a tasty strawberry daiquiri from scratch at home. This recipe tastes just like what you would order out. The powdered sugar and lime juice give this daiquiri the perfect flavor. When you order a strawberry daiquiri in a restaurant or bar, they are often made with pre-made mixes. When you learn to make them from scratch, you will enjoy a cocktail without unnatural preservatives added. This is sure to be a hit at parties as well. Step 1 Put ice in a blender. Step 2 Pour light rum into blender. Step 3 Pour strawberry schnapps into blender. Step 4 Put powdered sugar into blender. Step 5 Pour lime juice into blender. Step 6 Add strawberries You can use frozen or fresh. I personally prefer fresh. Step 7 Blend everything until smooth, then pour into a cocktail glass. If you have fresh strawberries, you can garnish the drink with one by cutting a slit from the tip to about the middle and sliding it onto the rum of the glass. You may also garnish it with a wedge of lime. more
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