How Do You Make Tea Out Of Datura Seeds?

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1 Answer

Native American medicine men used the datura seed for tribal and medicinal purposes. Pulled from their spiked pods, these seeds, along with the datura's roots, leaves, and flowers, can be brewed into a hallucinatory tea. It was thought that those who drank the tea would be blessed with significant visions. Today, datura is available throughout the US, in spite of its hallucinatory properties, and many individuals enjoy making datura tea in their own home. The process resembles making other free-herb teas and can easily be done in an everyday kitchen. Cut about 10 seeds and put them into the teakettle or pot. A flower or a leaf may also be used, but 30 seeds alone can be a highly potent dose. Three grams or more of datura leaves can be lethal, so be very cautious as to how much is going into the tea. Pour roughly half an inch of water into the teapot with the datura seeds and allow it to boil for several minutes until there is only a little water left in the pot. Add a cup or two of ... more
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