How Do You Make The Cup And Saucer With String?

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1 Answer

Making string figures is a pastime that people throughout the world have enjoyed for untold thousands of years. String figures are an important part of many cultures. They represent people, animals, places, and things of importance. String figures may have ritual, aesthetic, mythological, or religious significance—or just be fun to make! Long before TV or any print media, people were using string figures to illustrate the stories they told around the campfire. Do Opening A: Start with Position 1. • Move your right forefinger left, and pick up the left palm string. Move the right forefinger back to its original position and tighten the strings. • Move your left forefinger right, through the right forefinger noose, and lift up the right palm string. • Move the left forefinger back to its original position. Check to make sure your string looks like the picture to the right. • Understand that you must always tighten the strings after each step, keeping your palms facing each other and ... more
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