How Do You Make Two-Tone Molded Chocolates With A Microwave?

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1 Answer

Making your own candy for an event or holiday can be a fun, economical way to leave your own special touch on the day. Elsewhere on eHow you can find how to begin. Here, we'll look at some tips on making the molded chocolates using two colors of chocolate and using a microwave rather than a double boiler. Making hard candy is outside the scope of this article. Load your first color. If you need a very precise line with the first color, use a decorating bag. Load it only about half full, though, so you can twist the top to seal, tape it down and still have room to smush the candy as it melts in the bag. Place the loaded bag in the microwave, for 60 seconds on the defrost setting or half power. The contents will just start to melt after the first minute. Massage the bag. Flip it, lay it in the microwave again and this time melt for 30 seconds on half power. It will take three or four sessions of melting and massaging the bag to have a fully melted, smooth color. Candy that is not ... more
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