How Do You Make V Jolt In Resident Evil?

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1 Answer

• Get into the gallery room, located in the Residence/Guardhouse. Go up to the door with the punch code and punch in for the colors what corresponds the color and number pairs on the pool table, which is also in the Residence - each game, the numbers will be a different order of the numbers 5, 6 and 3 and they are in the color order of Green, Orange/Yellow and Red. There are only six combinations. So, you may not even have to look at the balls on the pool table in the room in the Residence with the spiders through the double doors. • In the room, pick up all the empty containers. • You will now be going to each station to put the color into the bottles and then mix it into your inventory. Read the description of each station to see what amount it adds. Water counts as 1. • Note: The name of the mixture as described in the process will be colored the same color as the mixture appears in the container in the game. • Fill the first bottle with Water from the sink. • Fill the second ... more
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