How Do You Make Wooden Musical Spoons?

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1 Answer

Musical spoons are a classic American folk instrument. Originally improvised by gripping two spoons between the fingers, a musical spoon instrument attaches the spoon to a handle and allows the player greater freedom in playing without the need to carefully grip. While most musical spoon instruments are made with metal spoons, there are certain musical settings that call for the more subdued and particular "clack" of a set of wooden spoons. Mark the handles of the spoons according to the length of the clothespin's legs. Hold up the clothespin against the bottom of each spoon and mark the spot on the spoon where the leg ends. This will help you know how much of each spoon to re-shape before gluing. Use a rotary cutter attachment to grind down the sides of the spoon handles to fit the shape of the clothespin. Up to the spots you've marked, round and hollow the bottoms of the spoons' handles on the same sides as the round bottoms of the spoons' cups. This will allow you to glue the ... more
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