How Do You Make Yakult Style Fermented Milk Drink?

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1 Answer

• Clean all containers and equipment with hot water. This should kill any bacteria that may contaminate the milk. • Prepare a warm place for the milk to ferment. • If using a thermos ensure it is clean. • If using an esky, fill it with enough warm water to mostly cover your container. If it is not waterproof simply place a tub or large jug of warm water inside. The water should be quite warm to the touch but not so hot that you can't hold your hand submerged for ten seconds. • If using a warm spot you may want to place a sign or note there asking other members of the household not to move or open the container. • Heat the milk until it steams, do not let it boil. This is to kill any bacteria already in the milk. • Once it is cool enough that you can touch the side of the vessel for ten seconds comfortably, use the funnel to transfer the milk to your container, bottle or thermos. Try not to get milk on the rim of your container as is may provide a pathway for unwanted bacteria. • Add ... more
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