How Do You Make Yarn Fringe On A Polar Fleece Scarf?

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1 Answer

Polar fleece is a great fabric choice for hats, mittens and scarves. This warm, easy-care fabric repels moisture and is easy to cut and sew. A polar fleece scarf can be made by measuring and cutting a length of fleece. Since fleece won't fray, the edges can be left raw or they can be turned under and stitched. Many people add fringe to a polar scarf by measuring and cutting long strips at the edge of the scarf. For a more unique look, yarn can be used for fringe. Use a worsted yarn for the fringe. Decide how long you want the fringe to be. Four to eight inches is a good length. Cut a piece of yarn twice as long as the desired length of fringe, plus 1 inch. For example, if you want fringe that's five inches long, cut an eleven-inch-long piece of yarn. Using a yarn needle, punch a hole in the scarf about a 1/2 inch from the bottom and side edges of the scarf. Fold the yarn piece in half. Using a large crochet hook (size G or H), pull the fold of the yarn through the punched hole from ... more
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