How Do You Make Zippers Easier To Zip?

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1 Answer

Zippers work through interlocking metal teeth that grip onto each other and are designed to slide easily up and down. However, zippers can stick or move slowly for a variety of reasons, such as a piece of fabric or hair getting caught in them, or they simply become tight from overuse. Before spending money to have your zipper replaced, try a few tricks to help make it zip easier. Dip a cotton swab in enough olive oil to saturate the tip. Rub the cotton swab along the zipper and zipper teeth. Run the zipper up and down to spread the oil. Repeat until it zips easier. Rub a bar of soap along the zipper and zipper teeth. You can also use one or two drops of liquid soap, allowing it to penetrate inside the zipper itself. The soap's lubrication will help the zipper move easier. Rub the sharpened point of a lead pencil up and down the zipper and zipper teeth. The lubricating graphite in the lead will make the zipper move more easily up and down. Open a tube of lip balm and run it along the ... more
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