How Do You Marry A Federal Inmate?

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1 Answer

When marrying a federal inmate, it is important to stay organized. The process may be tedious and time consuming, especially if the marriage request is initially denied, but you can do it. There are numerous support groups and websites dedicated to helping you handle the paperwork and fine details of the process. Ensure the inmate meets inmate eligibility requirements. Inmate must be mentally competent and legally eligible to marry. The marriage cannot pose a threat to institutional security or the public. The intended spouse must verify, in writing, intention to marry inmate. Submit a written request to marry to the inmate's unit team. Based on eligibility, the unit team will forward a report to the warden for a final decision. Only the warden may approve or disapprove the marriage and use of institution facilities. If necessary, appeal a request denial through the Administrative Remedy Procedure. If the marriage is denied, the warden must include a statement of reason for denying ... more
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