How Do You Measure A Space For A Flat Screen TV?

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1 Answer

Buying a flat-screen TV involves more than just finding a reasonable price. Getting the best view involves taking into account the size of your room, your seating arrangement and your budget. Here's how to measure your space so you don't wind up with a TV the size of a microwave, or one that turns into an interactive wall like in the film "Total Recall." Measure the overall size of the room. Let's say your living room is 12 feet by 16 feet. Estimate where you'd like to place the TV. Most flat-screen TVs look best when viewed straight-on, not at an angle, and at a height where your eyes are level with the middle of the screen. In the room in Step 1, you could place the TV either on one of the 12-foot walls, leaving 16 feet in front of the TV for seating and other furniture, or on one of the 16-foot walls, leaving 12 feet for seating and other furniture. Gauge the ideal screen size for your space. The electronics experts at Crutchfield, a Virginia company whose founder is in the ... more
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