How Do You Memorize The Names Of The Carpal (Wrist) Bones?

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1 Answer

There are eight bones in the wrist, the carpals. Each of these small bones has its own name and learning the names is a seemingly difficult task. However, a simple trick makes it quite easy. Identify the group of bones known as the carpals. They're short bones, which means that they're about as long as they are wide. Distal to the carpals are the metacarpals, distal to the metacarpals are the phalanges. There are eight carpals. Identify the medial side and the lateral side. Remember to do this with the hand in anatomical postition. The thumb should be lateral, the palm facing forward. You should be looking at the palm. Mentally divide the eight bones into two rows of four. There should be a bottom (proximal) row and a top (distal) row. Now, we'll use a mnemonic to remember their names. The mnemonic is "Some Lovers Try Positions That They Can't Handle." Starting on the lateral (thumb) side, on the bottom (proximal) row, begin labeling the bones. When you get to "Positions," move back ... more
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