How Do You Nurture The Mother-Daughter Relationship From Infancy?

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1 Answer

The mother-daughter relationship starts almost from the moment you find out that you are pregnant. You feel exhilarated, especially if you are ready to start your family. The birth of your little daughter is one of the greatest miracles that you will ever experience in your lifetime. The joy surpasses all the pain that you will experience during labor and delivery. At the moment this precious little human being, your daughter, is placed in your arms, your eyes will well up with tears of happiness. You will count her fingers and toes; and if she is okay, you will give thanks to God for this tremendous gift. The bond between you and your infant daughter will grow daily with every loving touch and care. If you are committed to loving your daughter from infancy through adulthood, you will have great joy in your heart even on difficult days. Your baby was surrounded by warm amniotic fluid throughout her nine months development in your womb. The birth is literally a shock to her. She has ... more
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