How Do You Open The Back Of A Pulsar Watch?

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1 Answer

The back of a Pulsar watch can be opened with the proper tools, but consideration should be given to whether you really want to open the case back yourself or have an experienced watchmaker or authorized dealer do it for you. Case backs on Pulsar timepieces should be opened only when the watch needs repair or if the battery needs to be changed. Opening the case back of a Pulsar watch by yourself will void the warranty if the watch has been recently purchased. Inspect the case back of the Pulsar watch to determine whether it has a snap-down or screw-down case back. Most newer models are screw-down versions with notches on the edges of the case back that require a tool for removal. Skip to step two if your watch has a screw-down case back. Insert a blunt blade under the lip on the snap-down case back and push downward. The case will pop open. Place the Pulsar watch case into the case holder and tighten the grip if the watch is a screw-down model. Do not tighten too much or you may warp ... more
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