How Do You Organize Loose Clothes Hangers?

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Clothes hangers can be a real nuisance. You don't have them when you need them and you have way too many when you don't. The big trick for hangers is finding a place to store them when you're not using them. Unfortunately, they are oddly shaped and you can't stack them. Divide your hangers into piles based on shape. The closer the shapes of the hangers are to each other, the easier they are to keep together. Figure out how many hangers you want in each bundle. A smaller number, like five, is better for short-term storage and a larger number, like ten, is better for the long term. Secure the bundles together with tape, string or stiff wire. If you use tape, make sure that is won't leave residue on the hangers after it's removed because it could get transferred to your clothing. Wire is often a good choice (even something as simple as twist ties works well) as long as you are certain the wire won't get wet and rust. Stack the bundles in a box. As long as the bundles are similarly sized ... more
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