How Do You Overcome An Abusive Mother/Daughter Relationship?

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1 Answer

The effects of an abusive mother-daughter relationship often continues into adulthood, sometimes resulting in depression, anxiety, self-injury, substance abuse and difficulties forming healthful relationships. Overcoming the effects of an abusive mother-daughter relationship can take years of therapy and help from friends and family members. Seek the assistance of a therapist. Because mother-daughter abuse can create lasting trauma, it is often necessary to work with a counselor or psychiatrist in order to move forward from the abuse. A therapist who is skilled in the dynamics of mother-daughter abuse can help you understand your mother's behavior and speed up the healing process. Learn the dynamics of abuse. Books, websites and support groups can help you learn about some of the reasons that mothers abuse their daughters and help you understand why you might experience complex, conflicted emotions. Talk to friends and family about the abuse. Although it will be difficult to share ... more
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