How Do You Pack For An Atlantis Bahamas Vacation Or Cruise Excursion In Nassau?

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1 Answer

Save money and frustration by packing with this smart guide Select what type of luggage you will pack in. The best thing you can do is select a bag that is light weight, and easy to put over your shoulder. Make sure the straps are long enough to use even when the bag bulks up. A great bag is gender neutral so you can switch between members of your group. Decide if you are bringing snacks & drinks and pack accordingly. - foldable cooler - label with your name - fruit leathers, crystal light, granola bars Pack Clothing. - bathing suit(s), cover-ups to enjoy the pools and water sports - Croc's or other water shoes, sandals - sneakers & socks (optional - the grounds are decent for walking in sandals) - sweatshirt/hoodie for when the sun goes down - clean outfit to put on after a day in the park Pack for Sun & Heat Safety. - sunglasses, hat to ward off the great Bahamas sun - Lots of sunblock (if people in your group split up they will want their own) - chap stick Pack for Activities ( ... more
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