How Do You Paint A Clay Chiminea?

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1 Answer

The ambiance of a nice fire in your chiminea outside on your deck or porch on a warm evening is one of life's greater pleasures, but you also have to keep up the maintenance. Cleaning out the belly of the chiminea is just the daily care--you have to weatherize it, too. Painting and sealing the chiminea will add years to its life and provide a beautiful piece to go along with the rest of your outdoor sanctuary. Thoroughly wash the chiminea, inside and outside. Use a cleaning detergent, warm water and a sponge. Rub the 80-grit sandpaper across the entire chiminea. Sanding every area is important to ensure paint bonding--remember to sand the rounded areas. Once finished, the chiminea should be smooth with no rough spots. Put a drop cloth in the area where you are working to keep spills and drips from getting in the grass or other kinds of nearby surfaces. Choose a brush-on or spray primer and paint. You may want to use spray because the chiminea's roundness will be better covered with ... more
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