How Do You Paint A Ladybug Face?

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• Paint the face red. Using an appropriate face painting paint, color in the face red. Keep hair off the face. • Draw neat, round black spots on each cheek. These represent the ladybug's "spots". • Paint a neat black line down the center of the face. This represents the division between the ladybug's wings. • Finish up if face-painting only. Stop at this step if you are simply face-painting, especially for children. The following steps are only suitable if you are also applying make-up as part of fancy costume preparation. • Prepare the eyes. Use black eyeliner and mascara to darken the eyes. If you have glittery paint (gold/red/light colors), apply to eyelids for a sparkling look. Add lipstick. Naturally, the only color that works is red! Draw around the red lightly with black lip pencil. more
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