How Do You Paint A Metal Exterior Door?

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1 Answer

When you meet someone new, there's no way to make a second first impression. The same holds true for any home or business. One of the first things you see before entering the space is the front door, so time spent giving your metal exterior door a fresh coat of paint is time well spent. Although painting a metal exterior door is not complicated, it does take a moderate amount of planning and preparation. Remove the door from its hinges, and set out in a well ventilated work area on a pair of sawhorses or similar stable supports. Scrape away any loose paint, dirt, and debris using a wire brush and/or paint scraper, as necessary. It's important that no loose or cracked paint remains on the surface, so you may need to scrub the door with soap and water for best results. Remove all of the door's hardware, including lock sets, hinges, knob, strike plate, weatherstripping. and kick plates. This is also a good opportunity to replace the weatherstripping, if it's worn or damaged. Complete ... more
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