How Do You Paint An Adjoining Living Room & Dining Room?

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1 Answer

One of the most important aspects of painting an adjoining living room and dining room is to keep a sense of flow. To do that, you can follow some basic steps to ensure that each room belongs in your overall design. Painting adjoining walls with different colors can be done quite easily with some painters' tape and little bit of patience. Choose a color palette for your living and dining rooms. To keep a constant flow, select different shades of the same color for the adjoining walls of your living room and dining room. Choose a lighter tone for the living room and a darker tone for the dining room or vice versa. You can also select an accent color to paint one wall in your dining room or living room to create a focal point and bring color to the room. Remember to pick a color that matches your decor. Test your color choices by brushing a paint sample of each color on the adjoining walls. Remember, if you are painting over previously painted walls, make sure to use at least two coats ... more
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