How Do You Paint Cat Eyes On Ceramic Bisque?

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1 Answer

When painting any ceramic animal, it all comes alive once the eyes are painted. At least that's my opinion. Cat eyes, dog eyes, people eyes, etc., are all painted differently. Below is a 'how to' on painting of cat eyes. Base coat the eye with White. Allow to dry before going to next step. Use a thin wash of (in this case, I'm using a blue eyed cat) Turquoise or Aqua color to cover the entire area of the eye. Let dry. Thin a bright blue to a medium wash. Using a liner brush, place a dot in the center of the eye using a liner brush. Create the bright blue star burst by drawing several lines of various lengths from the center dot, outward to the end of the eye. Set the border of the iris with your liner and the same wash. Use a very small shader brush, and a very thin wash of black to make shadows. Your shadow will be inserted at the top portion of the eye, and it will taper thinner at each end, and with it being a little thicker in the center of the shadowed area. Make a border ... more
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