How Do You Paint Grass With Oil Paint?

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1 Answer

Oil painting is great for creating beautiful landscapes and scenes of nature. The wide variety of colors that you can mix and blend to create the perfect tones can help you to create fields of green grass that look truly realistic. Creating these landscapes can be done without too much experience painting, provided you use the proper technique. When you have accomplished the basics, you can add further details to your oil paintings to bring your mastery to the next level. Draw out the line work for the grass on your canvas. It does not have to be exact --- this is simply to mark out the general area where you will apply the grass. Draw a diagonal line that curves at the top of the page to denote hills of grass. Add small triangular points to show the points of grass. Paint the canvas with a dark color, such as burnt sienna. Dab your brush into the paint and then add one brush load of paint thinner to thin out the oil paint so that when you apply it to the canvas your pencil lines ... more
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