How Do You Paint Wallpaper To Look Like Copper?

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1 Answer

Over the years wallpaper can fade, become dull, or get torn and damaged. Tastes also change. If you want to paint your wallpapered walls it's best to remove the wallpaper first, and then to paint. However, sometimes this isn't possible. In old houses removing the first layer of wall paper can damage the wall. If this is the case you can paint over your existing wallpaper using these steps. One technique is to paint your wallpaper to make it look like copper. A bright copper finish is stylish and will add to the look of any décor. Prepare the surface of the wall. Tear off any peeling wallpaper. Use a hammer to remove any remaining nails or use a cordless drill to remove screws. Tap in any nails, or countersink screws that hold the wall board to the studs. Use a fine grit sanding block to remove any remaining dents or scratches from where screws or nails were removed. Fill a mud pan with sheet rock mud. Use a mud knife to apply a thin layer of mud over every wallpaper seam. Doing this ... more
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