How Do You Pick & Dry Loofah Sponges?

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1 Answer

The luffa fruit, part of the same gourd family as cucumbers, watermelons and squash, contains a fibrous center that is most popularly harvested for use as an exfoliating bath sponge, the loofah. A loofah produces a mild glow on the skin and induces blood circulation for the relief of rheumatic arthritis sufferers, according to the Cobb County (Ga.) Extension Service Horticulture website. The luffa plant (Luffa aegyptica) is also often used in making crafts and as a filter. The network of fibers is durable enough for scraping vegetables, slipper soles, and baskets. The development of a loofah begins with planting, follows through the growth and development of the fruit and ends with bleaching and drying the luffa's inner fibers. This guide will walk you through the harvesting process, which begins when your luffa plants are fully developed and ripe for picking. Pick your loofah when the skin of the luffa seed pod feels loose, like it would be easy to peel. According to the experts at ... more
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