How Do You Piece A Simple Nine Patch Quilt Block?

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1 Answer

In this tutorial, I will show you how to make quilt blocks. A simple Nine Patch is a perfect pattern to start with. At first, the task seems daunting, but this illustrated tutorial will turn that daunting task in to an easy to follow format. Before you know it, you will be a pro at making quilt blocks. Choose your already cut quilt squares. Pick two contrasting colors for the best effect. A single quilt block requires five squares of one color and four squares of another color. This tutorial will refer to them as Color 1 and Color 2 for ease of understanding. Lay out the quilt squares on a table or near the sewing machine in the correct pattern, as displayed in the image above. Look at the first row of laid out squares. From the top left, pick up square 1 (color 1) and square 2 (color 2). Holding the two square in your hand, square 1 should be right side (the pretty side) facing up. Turn square 2 upside down so that the right side of this piece is facing square 1. In quilting, this ... more
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