How Do You Plant Onions Using Plastic Mulch?

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1 Answer

Using plastic mulch in your vegetable not only controls weeds, it also raises the temperature of the soil, helps to retain moisture in the ground, keeps the vegetables clean and improves the growth rate and yield of the plants. For most plants you lay the plastic mulch before putting the plants in. If starting from seeds though, the mulch is laid after the seedlings have begun to grow. Prepare the soil in your garden by digging down approximately 18 inches. Remove any stones from the soil and turn in organic matter to enrich the soil. Tamp the soil down before planting so it is firm. Water the garden well. Sow the onion seeds in the garden in March if you are growing maincrop onions. Spring or salad onions should be sown at three week intervals from early April to early June. Wait for the seedlings to reach a height of around 3 inches before laying the plastic mulch. Choose red, metalized silver or black plastic mulch to get the highest yield from your onion plants. Cut the plastic ... more
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