How Do You Position Vanity Lights On A Bathroom Wall?

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1 Answer

Vanity light placement isn't just about what looks best. Properly placed lights above the vanity give you the best lighting as you groom yourself each morning. Lights positioned too high or too far apart often result in shadows on your face, making it difficult to get a true image in the mirror. Positioning vanity lights isn't an exact science. While certain guidelines give you a general idea for positioning the lights, your specific bathroom setup and style of lighting fixtures will influence the final decision. Assess the current vanity lighting in the bathroom. Note where the electrical wiring and fixture is located. Determine how well the positioning works with the lighting. Choose your vanity lighting fixtures. The style of vanity lights can influence where you position them on the wall. Decide if you want the vanity light fixtures mounted above the mirror or on the sides. Sconce style vanity lights are meant to go beside the mirror while bar lights and those that curve down ... more
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