How Do You Potty Train A Four Year Old Yorkie?

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1 Answer

first thing you should do when you get a new puppy is to cuddle him and make friends. The second thing is to train him to "go potty" outdoors. This is not very difficult, but you have to be consistent. This means that someone has to be training the pup all day long until he knows what to do. Your puppy is a baby, so you have to help him learn. Don't punish him when he has an accident. He won't understand. Instead, when he does it right, tell him "Good doggie" and maybe give him a treat. Your puppy wants to do what is right and will try. Puppies are used to being in a litter with their mother and their brothers and sisters. They don't like to be alone. When you want him to go outside, make sure you stay with him. If you just put him out by himself, he will probably get really scared. He will cry and try to come back in with you instead of going. What to Do Take your puppy outside a lot. This should be: # Every time he wakes up # When he gets done eating # After he has a drink # After ... more
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