How Do You Practice Spelling With A Bingo Game?

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1 Answer

Spelling homework is practically a given for students, especially in the primary grades. The usual spelling word study methods using flashcards and repetitive writing can become boring after a while. Avoid the boredom with a spelling bingo game for your child to play. Create a table for the bingo game in Microsoft Word or a comparable software program. (Even the Paint program's line tool can by used to create a table.) The table can be 3-by-3 or 5-by-5, depending on the complexity of the bingo game you desire. Make the cells big enough to accommodate the spelling words. Type or place a spelling word in each cell of the bingo game table. If there are not enough spelling study words to fill each cell, use age-appropriate sight words or spelling words from previous weeks. Add in some misspelled words to make the bingo game more of a challenge. Print out the bingo game. Also print out a list of the spelling words used on the bingo game sheet. This will serve as you copy so you can keep ... more
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