How Do You Prepare A Dead Body For Embalming?

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The process of embalming, or preserving a body after it is deceased, involves more than just the exchanging of blood for embalming fluid. The body must be properly prepared prior to embalming. Step 1 Undress the body. This does not only involve removing all clothing items from the deceased. You must also remove all accessories, jewelry and make up. Medical paraphernalia such as bandages, needles, catheters, braces and pacemakers must also be removed. Step 2 Clean the body. Using a strong disinfectant, carefully wash the entire body. Rub down all of the skin, even between the fingers and toes and other hard-to-see areas. The eyes, mouth and other openings of the body must also be carefully cleaned. Step 3 Loosen up the body. If rigor mortis has set in, it is important to release the muscles and limbs from this stiffness. Move the head and neck around, as well as the arms and legs at the joints. Massage the muscles in the arms, legs and shoulders enough that movement is restored to ... more
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