How Do You Prepare A Field For Planting With A Tractor?

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1 Answer

Preparing a field for planting requires some time and effort to ensure that your plants will have the best soil in which to grow. Using a tractor is essential to preparing a field. The tractor can pull numerous plows, each of which have individual jobs that can help to ready a field for crops. A field is ready to be prepared for spring planting after the last hard frost in your region. Check with your local agriculture office or farm bureau if you are uncertain of the projected last frost date. Step 1 Attach a chisel plow to the back of the tractor by attaching the tongue of the plow to the hitch of the tractor. A steel pin usually is placed through the tongue of the plow and into the hitch. This secures the plow in place. A chisel plow contains two rows of plow prongs, usually four or five prongs on each row, with each one having very sharp edges. Step 2 Drag the chisel plow behind the tractor until you have covered the entire surface area of the field. The chisel plow will dig deep ... more
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