How Do You Prepare A Whelping Box For Outdoor Dogs?

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1 Answer

Most of your work in helping your dog to whelp her puppies comes in advance of delivery. You must provide her with prenatal care and a safe, comfortable location to give birth. Ideally, the mother dog should be allowed to raise her puppies indoors. If the dog must have her puppies outside, you should provide an adequate whelping box. Put an outdoor whelping box in an area protected from the elements, predators, pets and children. Assemble the box for your outdoor dog two weeks before your dog's due date. Find a location, preferably a shed, garage, doghouse or other enclosed building, that is out of the elements. If nothing else is available, stretch a tarp over and around the sides of the area where you will install the whelping box. The tarp has to protect the mother and babies from rain, snow, sun and wind from all sides. Place a box in the location. The box, which should be made of heavy-duty lumber, should have four sides, and the sides should be high enough to keep drafts out ... more
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